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October 27, 2015 - For Immediate Release

Singer-Songwriter Judy Pancoast – Releases Song and Video in Support of Same-Sex Marriage

New Hampshire singer-songwriter and Grammy® nominee Judy Pancoast has released a new song and video that is stirring up controversy among some of her fans.  The song, entitled “A Beautiful Thing,” is in support of same-sex relationships and tells the story of how, in 1992, Pancoast taught her three-year-old daughter, Emma, that her Barbie doll could marry another Barbie.  The new video includes home video footage of pre-school-aged Emma playing with two girl dolls and singing “They fall in love” as she makes them dance together.  The song is aimed at parents who are struggling with how to explain same-sex relationship to their children.

“We wanted our children to grow up understanding that same-sex love happens, even though back at that time marriage was practically unheard-of. This was a simple way to teach her so that, as she grew, she would be understanding and accepting.  And, when the time came, if she found herself attracted to other girls she’d know that we would love her just the same,” says Pancoast.

Pancoast wrote the song several years ago but had difficulty finding a producer for it.  Eventually, the song was arranged and the music recorded in India by Grammy ®winner Ricky Kej.  Pancoast recorded the vocals in a Bethesda, MD. studio and the entire project was mixed and mastered back in India. Meanwhile, film-maker Nicole Girard of Rowley, MA. conceived and directed the video starring a local cast including a married couple, Lauren and Kate Dillon of Manchester, NH.  They wore their bridal gowns for the shoot, which depicts an outdoor wedding reception and was filmed on the town common in Goffstown, NH.  The video can be found on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWo938Q-pr8.

Almost immediately upon its release Pancoast began finding opposing posts on her professional Facebook page.  Pancoast had expected that Fundamentalist Christians might object to her message, but there were also pornographic posts that were immediately taken down by Facebook and one picture of a slaughtered lamb.  Pancoast has been told that she “stands on the wrong side of history with murderers and thieves” by “promoting predatory behavior.”  In addition, some fans of her Christmas music have contacted her to tell her that they are taking her holiday music out of their celebrations.

“I know a lot of people disagree with me, but I stand for all children, whether they are straight or gay, all ethnicities and all socioeconomic backgrounds. I’m a Christian and I believe that Christ wants us to show love to our fellow human beings. I firmly believe that early education in simple terms that a child can understand will go a long way toward combatting the bullying that arises from ignorance and fear,” she says.

Pancoast’s song and video have the support of her Episcopal parish, St. Matthew’s in Goffstown, and several members of the congregation appear in the video.  It has also been included on the website of at least one congregation in the United Church of Christ.

Brittany McMillan, the founder of GLAAD’s “Spirit Day,” which invites people to wear purple to stand with bullied LGBT teens, says of Pancoast’s song and video, “I think it's great! I love the chorus and I think it's a wonderful song to teach children about love and equality. Wonderful work!”

“A Beautiful Thing” is currently getting radio airplay in The Netherlands and several internet radio stations.

Judy Pancoast is available for interviews at 603-716-3646 and judy@judypancoast.com


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