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October 16, 2014 - For Immediate Release

Judy Pancoast to Undertake Fifth Annual “The House on Christmas Street” Charity Tour

It’s been called the most unique concert tour ever undertaken by a performer, and Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Judy Pancoast is going to do it again for the fifth year in row.  Since Pancoast embarked on her first “The House on Christmas Street” tour in 2010 she has helped raise thousands of dollars in donations for charities across the country and abroad.  On December 3rd Judy will once again travel across the US for the fifth year in a row, performing her original and classic Christmas tunes in concerts on the lawns and in the driveways of the decorating enthusiasts who have become her biggest fans.

Back in 1998, Pancoast wrote a song called  “The House on Christmas Street” as a tribute to those mega-decorated houses she’s loved all her life; the ones that can almost be seen from outer space and make the passerby wonder how the homeowner is managing to pay the electric bill.

“There seems to be one of those houses in every town,” says Pancoast, “but to my knowledge nobody had ever written a song about it.”

Little did Pancoast know that just a few years after she wrote and recorded her song a phenomenon known as animated lighting would begin changing the way decorating enthusiasts created their displays, and her song would become their anthem.  She doesn’t know when the first decorator discovered “The House on Christmas Street” and synchronized lights to it, but Judy’s husband discovered the first video online in the fall of 2006.  Since then, the trend has grown worldwide with displays as far away as Australia that are playing her song. It is a YouTube phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of views; she gets fan mail from people who tell her they’ve heard her song at their neighbor’s house.

When Pancoast came up with the idea for the first “The House on Christmas Street” tour in 2010 she was hoping to gain publicity for the song, but she also wanted the tour to benefit those in need at each of her stops.  She asked potential hosts for three things: they must publicize the concert, they had to provide Pancoast with a night’s lodging, and they must collect for the charity of their choice on the night of the show.  The first tour was a rousing success, leading to decorating enthusiasts across the country inviting Pancoast to perform at their displays year after year.

This year’s tour will begin on December third at the home of NASCAR fan and decorating enthusiast Jason Reph, who has designated Jeff Gordon’s Children’s Foundation as his charity.  Pancoast will then move on across the country all the way to California and back, raising money for the Wounded Warriors Project, the Children’s Organ Transplant Association, local food pantries, shelters and more along the way.

“Every tour has been an amazing experience. I’ve met wonderful people along the way and seen amazing Christmas displays, and been overwhelmed by the generosity of people. I’m really looking forward to getting out there again!” says Pancoast.

For the latest info on the tour, find Judy Pancoast on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JudyPancoastMusic or on her website at www.judypancoast.com


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