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November 19, 2012 - For Immediate Release


You know those “over-the-top” Christmas displays you see in most every town…the ones where the lights are synchronized to music and every square inch of lawn is covered in plastic figures, blow-up snowmen, and Santa Claus is up on the roof?  Well, look carefully the next time you drive by, because you just might see Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Judy Pancoast warbling away in the midst of all that festive decoration.

It all started in 2006, when Pancoast’s husband found a video online of such a house, and it was playing Pancoast’s song, “The House on Christmas Street,” which she had originally recorded in 1998.  Since then, the phenomenon has grown as more and more decorating enthusiasts have discovered the song and made it part of their displays.  Search “The House on Christmas Street” on YouTube and you’ll find page after page of videos of houses all over the world playing Pancoast’s ditty. 

In 2010 Pancoast decided to thank the decorators who had made her song a “cult” hit, and she offered to perform in concert on the lawn or in the driveway of any decorator in the US during the holiday season. All the host would have to do is provide a hotel/motel room, collect for a charity at the event, and coordinate publicity.  The first “The House on Christmas Street International Tour” was a rousing success, as Pancoast was even flown to England, all expenses paid by the decorator across the pond who invited her to perform at his display.  It was during her stay in the UK that she learned she had been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Children’s Album for her CD “Weird Things are Everywhere.”

Last year was Pancoast’s youngest daughter’s final Christmas season at home before heading to college, so she limited the tour to another jaunt to England and a short trip to North and South Carolina.  But this year she’s revving up again for a tour that will literally take her from one coast to the other and to many states in-between, as well as a spur up to Toronto that makes it yet another international tour.  From November 24th to Christmas Eve she will perform at the homes of 22 decorators and also present concerts at a few schools and a library along the way.  On December 7th she will be a featured entertainer at XTRA 99.1 radio’s “2nd Most Funnest Christmas Concert Ever” in Gloucester, Virginia.  In all, Pancoast will present 29 concerts on what has been called “The most unique concert tour ever undertaken by a musician.”   Twenty-three individual charities, ranging from local food pantries to Make-A-Wish and Special Olympics will benefit from the tour, and Pancoast herself receives no fee for the home owners other than the lodging they provide.

“It is a most wonderful experience to go from town to town and meet the amazing people who go to all this trouble to create smiles and laughter for people they may never meet.  The decorators are the nicest people in the world, and I’m very lucky that all of this has happened because of that little song I wrote so many years ago,” says Pancoast.

For a detailed tour itinerary and to keep up with the latest news on Pancoast’s tour blog, please visit her website at www.judypancoast.com.

EDITOR:  Judy Pancoast is available for interviews at 603-716-3646.  She has over 25 years of professional radio and TV broadcasting experience and makes a great guest!


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