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Literacy through Music

“Signs of Judy’s teaching degree shine through much of her material.”
Lisa Betty Cline, The Charlestown Bridge

"Thank you so much for the wonderful performances yesterday! You kept the children engaged, smiling and grooving. Your songs are original, educational, and fun. It was a great way to start off the year for all the kids at the Early Childhood Education Center. Thanks again!"

                          Sarah Santos and the ECEC PTO

As a former elementary school teacher with Masters Degree in Education, Judy is a member of the select roster of Artists in Education of the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.

Judy offers two Motivational Assemblies and four Literacy Through Music programs specifically for elementary school children.


Two Effective Motivational Assemblies

Dream Big!

As Batman once said, "Of what use is a dream, if not a blueprint for courageous action?"

Judy Pancoast has lived that philosophy, starting out as a child in a small city in Maine and working her way up through the music business to singing for a US President and being nominated for a Grammy Award.

Now, Judy has designed a program to help kids move from simply daydreaming to making that blueprint that will help them find their way to their dreams.  Through story and song, Judy presents four ways that children can begin working to make their dreams come true no matter how young they are.  

This highly motivational assembly features songs about an alien who wants to learn to read, a princess who wants to start her own business, and a young boy who dreamed of being a famous musician, among others, and teaches kids to 1) ask others for help, 2) read books to learn about what they want to become, 3) work hard and never give up and 4) use their imaginations.  

By the end of the program your students will be eager to explore their hopes for the future and begin to think about how to make their dreams into reality.

This program is appropriate for grades K-5 and helps fulfill National Standards for Language Arts and Fine Arts.  45-60 minutes.

Judy Pancoast Speaks Out on Bullying

Judy introduces herself to your students with a half hour of her original tunes for children.  Just when they are having a great time and feeling good to know her, she stops the music to tell a story.

The story is of a young girl who was an overweight child.  Picked on, called names and ostracized, this girl had a terrible time in elementary school.  The emphasis is on the fact that it wasn't just the obvious bullies who made her unhappy, but all who joined in and who stayed silent but did not befriend her.  The story takes a hopeful turn as she begins taking piano lessons at age 10, and  the talent she discovered within herself for making music led her to become strong, and to eventually come out of her shell and show the rest of the kids what she could do.

By her senior year she had many friends and even wrote the school song, and went on to college and to have a wonderful career and life. Still, she never forgot the pain she suffered as a result of the bullying she took as a young girl.  

Imagine the shock on the students face when Judy reveals that this is HER OWN STORY.  Judy not only speaks to those who may engage in bullying behavior, but she encourages the victims to have hope, and find the thing within themselves that can make them strong.  

She brings a message of a life beyond the pain, and her message has been known to keep student audiences so enthralled "you could hear a pin drop."  For a truly effective anti-bullying assembly, Judy Pancoast is guaranteed to make an impression on your students.

Reading Our Way Across The USA

Buckle up and join Judy as we make our way out from Maine across the US on a road trip that includes upbeat songs, tons of interaction and dancing and a great geography lesson! Judy engages children in a musical literary adventure taking them from Make Way for Ducklings in Boston, to Balto in Alaska and everywhere in between. What is the only state in the Union where you can tour a REAL legitimate royal palace? In which state can you sit and watch thousands of bats fly out from a cave every evening? Where can you visit Laura Ingalls' Wilder's homestead?

Learn the answers to these questions and more when you read your way across the USA with Judy Pancoast!

This program helps fulfill the National Education Standards for Social Sciences/Geography, Language Arts and Fine Arts.

Once Upon a Time
Concert Assembly, K-5:

Designed to “get kids into books”, this concert tells the musical tale of a Princess who wanted to do more than “lead the Princess life,” and decides to read every book in the Kingdom Library. Songs are lively, interactive, and point children toward the different sections of the library, from fiction to non-fiction, nursery rhymes to biographies.

Approximate time, 45 minutes.

This program helps fulfill the National Education Standards for Language Arts and Fine Arts.

Take Me to Your Reader
Concert Assembly, K-5:

This concert is designed to build enthusiasm for books and reading, it revolves around a friendly alien who comes to earth to learn to read. Featuring lively, interactive songs which are extensions of popular children’s literature, including “Wild One,” based on Where the Wild Things Are, “Ladybug, Ladybug” inspired by The Very Grouchy Ladybug and “Try, Try” featuring a chorus of “I think I can, I think I can” from The Little Engine that Could.

Approximate time, 45 minutes.

This program helps fulfill the National Education Standards for Language Arts and Fine Arts.

The above assembly concerts are ideal for Title One celebrations,
Book Fairs, No-TV Weeks and Literacy Festivals.

“Judy Pancoast... is a state treasure.”
         Nicholas Donohue, Commissioner of Education, N.H.

Literacy through Music-Song Writing Residency
Workshops, K-5:

"We were thrilled with your professionalism and love for the arts and the students"

Judy has designed a songwriting residency, which enhances and broadens students’ concept of writing while using the processes familiar from the classroom.

Using a variety of writing strategies, and working with groups of 40 or so students, Judy guides the children through a creative musical experience that is challenging and exciting. Every child takes part in the process and in the end, is a true composer of the lyrics and melody.

Students develop a rudimentary understanding of the song writing process. They use the vocabulary of song writing, including “rhyme”, “meter”, “verse,” “pattern” and “chorus.” They brainstorm to develop the idea and “hook” of the song and will participate in the revision process.

It is suggested that schools organize the residency into “songwriting chains,” in which two or more groups of students work in successive workshop sessions on the creation of one song. This teamwork approach is ideal for grade levels working on shared thematic units.

Each workshop group’s experience culminates in an afternoon assembly-style concert, where the children, accompanied by Judy, perform their new songs. Of course, Judy will perform some of her fan favorites for the assembly too.

On the final day of the residency, the children and Judy will perform a special evening concert for their families and friends.

The residency program is eligible for partial funding from
the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. Visit: http://www.state.nh.us/nharts/index.html for details.

This program helps fulfill the National Education Standards for Language Arts and Fine Arts.

"Your work with our students has lent itself very nicely to lessons we've done since your visit:  it has dove-tailed with discussions about form, and that, in turn, has helped us learn new material for an  up-coming performance. Good stuff!"

Heather McLeod, music teacher, Brewer Community School, ME.


To discuss arranging a Judy's Tune Room concert for your school or library, please contact us.



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