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Judy's New Music Video: "A Beautiful Thing"

“I think it's great! I love the chorus and I think it's a wonderful song to teach children about love and equality. Wonderful work!” ~ Brittany McMillan, the founder of GLAAD’s “Spirit Day,”
"For anyone struggling with how to talk with kids about their classmate with two moms or two dads, or wanting to support their own or another’s LGB child, it may help to hear Pancoast state simply, “Barbie can marry Barbie and Ken can marry Ken… Because God gave us hearts to love with / We don’t know who or when / That special one will come along.” ~ Blogger Dana Rudolph at Mombian ... See the post here
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A Beautiful Thing (Lyrics)

Words and music by Judy Pancoast © 2013

VERSE ONE: When my little girl was three, one day she said to me, “Mommy I need another boy doll, I've got three girls and Ken can't marry them all.” Now, we'd been tryin' to raise our daughter without hate And this just seemed like the perfect chance, There could be no better circumstance to say:

CHORUS: “Barbie can marry Barbie and Ken can marry Ken. It doesn't always happen that way, But when it does well that's okay Because God gave us hearts to love with, We don't know who or when That special one will come along, And make your heart burst into a song And that's a beautiful thing."

VERSE TWO: She said, “Can that happen for real?” I said, “It can and it's no big deal, Sometimes a girl falls in love with another girl And boys with boys, it's just a part of the world.” There was no need to say more, we went and played out doors And as she grew up she kept it all as a fact; No need for hate or fear, no need to attack


BRIDGE: And someday when she finds the one Who fills her life with love She'll know that we'll have open arms no matter what, no matter what, 'cause


CODA: A beautiful thing








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