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Hello Friends!

Christmas is my favorite time of year and that is why we have created this special page. It is when we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is very special to me and has done wonderful things in my life and the lives of millions of others.

God's love and His gift to us is the reason behind all the gift-giving, joy and merriment this time of year. So party on!

I hope your Christmas is a blessed one, and pray for peace in the New Year.

A Christmas Message
from Judy

At this time of year, we honor the birth of Jesus with the giving of gifts to our loved ones, and by helping our neighbors in need. I hope that this year, when you are looking for a way to give, that you will reach out to the children of Nyumbani orphanage in Kenya. There, about 95 HIV+ children who have been rescued from the streets are cared for, safe and happy, with the help of people like you. In addition, thousands more are served through the orphanage's outreach programs.

I have visited there twice to make music with the children and they are very special to my heart, and I know first hand how this organization uses its donations to care for them. So, this season, thank the Lord for your own beautiful children, and please reach out to those who have no parents and are seriously in need of care.

To find out more about Nyumbani and to make a donation, please visit Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and may God bless you!


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